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Elevating Your Experience: Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the duration of the course? 

Level 3 courses -12-16 weeks

Level 4 courses-16-20 weeks

Level 5 courses -20-24 weeks

Level 6/7 courses 24-36 weeks


2. Can I complete the course on a Fastrack basis?

Answer is yes. The pace at which you study the course is decided by you. 


3. What is the minimum duration in which I can complete the course?

12 weeks 


4. What is the fees or final price offered?

As of now we have a promotional discount of 20% on all course fees so the fees will be what is mentioned on website discounted down by 20%


5. Can I pay instalments? And answer is yes

if you’re based in the UK, we can offer 3 instalments but if you’re abroad then you can take advantage of PayPal option and make payment using PayPal credit. This will involve a credit check and may not be available in all countries.  


6. Are there any exams on the course?

No. only assignments 


7. Is the qualification graded?

Answer yes all ATHE qualifications are graded. Othm qualifications are not graded


8. When can I start the course?

Answer you can start the course anytime with us. First step is to complete enrolment form on website. As we get the details, we issue an offer letter and an invoice. As the invoice or first instalment is paid we organise course induction and registration


9. How is the course delivered?

Answer we teach the course via zoom sessions and learners are expected to attend two sessions per week. You can also self study the course at your own pace from our learner management system and request for tutorials via the course coordinator.


10. How is the feedback provided on assignments? 

we provide feedback in 5-7 working days on email. 


11. Is there any eligibility criterion for enrolling in courses?

Eligibility criteria vary depending on the course level. Generally, Level 3 courses require a Level 2 qualification or equivalent experience, and for Level 4 and above, a Level 3 qualification or A-levels are usually necessary. Please check specific course requirements on our website.


 12. Do you provide any career support after completing the course?

Answer: Yes, we offer career advice and support services to help you leverage your new qualification for career advancement. This includes CV workshops, interview preparation, and access to job listings. We offer progression to university topup degrees via university of Bolton, university of central Lancashire and Anglia Ruskin university and Arden university 


14. Are there any additional costs apart from the course fees?

Answer: Course fees cover tuition, access to learning materials, and assessment fees. Registration and certification fees. There are no hidden costs. Additional costs may include textbooks or external examination fees if applicable.


15. Do I need any specific software or hardware for online learning?

Answer: You will need a computer or tablet with internet access, and we recommend a webcam and microphone for interactive sessions. Specific software requirements will be provided upon course enrolment.


16. Is there a deadline for enrolment?

We have rolling enrolment for most courses, meaning you can start at any time. However, specific courses may have set start dates, so please check the website for details.

17. Can I transfer credits from previous studies?

Answer: We may accept transfer credits from accredited institutions. Please contact our admissions team with your transcripts for an assessment.


18. What type of accreditation do your courses have?

Answer: Our courses are accredited by recognised UK awarding organisations such as ATHE, IFA DIRECT and ,OTHM qualifications . This ensures they meet high-quality standards.


19. What kind of support services do you offer?

We provide academic support through tutorials, access to a course coordinator, technical support for our learning management system, and pastoral care.


20. How are assignments submitted?

Answer: Assignments are submitted electronically via email to allowing for efficient and secure processing.


21. Is there a refund policy?

Answer: Yes, we have a refund policy in place for students who decide to withdraw under certain conditions. Please refer to our terms and conditions for detailed information.


22. Can I speak to a tutor directly if I need help?

Answer: Yes, you can request tutorial sessions with your tutor through the course coordinator for personalised assistance.


23. How do you ensure the quality of online teaching?

Answer: Our online teaching is delivered by qualified tutors using interactive and engaging teaching methods. We regularly review and update our courses to ensure high-quality education.


24. What are the assessment methods used?

Answer: Assessments vary by course but generally include assignments, and portfolio work. 


25. Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

While we primarily offer payment plans and promotional discounts, we encourage students to check our website or contact us directly for information on any scholarships or financial options that may become available. The fees can be paid using PayPal and Klarna finance 

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